Water sports

Are you full of energy? Are you searching for high sensations? Do you want to try something new this summer? We propose you to enter into the world of nautical sports, either in the foamy waters of the Black Sea, or on the calm surface of Siutghiol Lake.

In Mamaia you can try Water jetpack, Kitesurfing, Skijets & Parasailing.

Kite-surfing – One of the most progressive sports presently. Kite surfing is a very new sport, strongly developed in the 90’s and initiated especially by windsurfers who wanted a larger freedom of movement, more speed, the possibility to slide on the water surface and to fly, at the same time. In Romania, at our seaside, Kite-surfing gained popularity during the last  three years.

Jet Ski – This fun option is in fact a combination between an usual boat and a motorcycle. If you once used this, you will never give it up. The sensation offered by the ski jet is unique, especially when you travel great water distances. The fans say that the freedom sensation is unequaled.

Windsurfing – Was created in the 60’s and it is also present in Romania since the 90’s. It is a combination of sail navigation (from which it took the sail) and surfing (from which it took the board). An extreme water sport practiced using a board with a length of 2-5 m, propelled by a single sail attached to the board by a rotating and flexible connection (Power-joint). Even if it seems to be a small sailboat, the windsurfing offers special experiences, different to any other type of boat using the sail. Windsurfing established the absolute speed record in the category of sailboats.

Water-skiing – As its name says, water-skiing is the ski practiced on water and hauled by a boat. The equipment is different to the alpine one and the techniques are slightly different, but the basis is quite the same: balance, courage and a lot of fun. Since its starts, in the 20’s, this sport started to gain more and more followers.