The Holiday Village

SATUL DE VACANȚĂ (The Holiday Village) is situated in the south of Mamaia resort, between Tăbăcărie and Siutghiol lakes. Initially, The Holiday Village was designed as a complex of restaurants reuniting the culinary specificity of Romanian provinces. Therefore, the majority of places arranged in the Holiday Village have suggestive names: Casa Prahoveană, Casa Vâlceană, Casa Dobrogeană, Casa Argeșeană. Over time, in addition to these “Houses”, a lot of restaurants, terraces, commercial galleries and stands with souvenirs were opened. Therefore, the Holiday Village became a very popular place for the tourists arriving in the resort.

The main attraction of the Holiday Village is the amusement park LUNA PARK, a place in high glee and an important source of adrenaline. Here you can find carousels and trains for the children, but also the centrifuge, the roll-coaster, hammers and other such installations for adults. If you have the courage to get into the big wheel, you will be compensated by an impressing panorama over Mamaia resort and Constanţa town.